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Imagine yourself in the forest and dream of a thousand year old trees around you. Beside you a river flowing slowly to the still lake and on the other side, fallen trees are running slowly on the calm water. There is a peaceful and colorful atmosphere around. This place must be my home. I'm gonna have to live in an environment. You wake up in a moment, and ask yourself why I did not live in such an enviroment before with the smile of the peace given to you. You're saying my children should live the same. Arditi whispers in your ear and says Yes you can.


You can design your house like in your dream. The tables, side tables, bedrooms,livingrooms and more made from thousands of years of walnut and olive trees running on clear epoxy resin just same as your dream.

Arditi Design is one of the exclusive designer and producer of luxury handmade wooden, epoxy resin furniture based in Florida USA and has branches in Toronto Canada, Istanbul Turkey, and Sydney Australia.


Briefly, Only the best wood is carefully used such as 500-1000 years old Anatolian walnut, Mediterranean olive, and others, with the highest quality epoxy resin in the production. The wood is kilned and dried prior to being filled with top quality crystal clear or colored epoxy resin. Unique technic is used to prevent the wood from torsion.


All custom designs that are used at our products are exclusively created by the Arditi professional design team. Custom designs can also be done for the customers if asked.

Arditi’s exclusive furniture is designed for clients taste from classic to modern to catch their demands inspired by the world of decorative style.


A result is a place at the forefront of the world’s luxury furnishing market. The unique work welcomes all custom sizes and colors for clients living spaces as well as commercial projects.

Above all else, Arditi’s great work is characterized by the spirit of the wood which creates the philosophy of the brand.


Kindest Regards.

Feel Special Yourself!
About Our Production

We produce custom handmade high-end furniture from epoxy resin and wood, using the best-selected walnut and olive wood with the highest quality epoxy resin currently available in the market.

Tables, buffets, tv units, doors, and other decorative objects are manufactured in all sizes and colors.

We use epoxy resin of the highest quality, along with carefully selected sliced-trees, in our furniture.

A specially developed method is applied to prevent the tree from torsion.

Our wood is kilned and dried prior to being filled with high-quality epoxy resin.

In the crystal clear epoxy resin, you will see the depth of the wood and all of its details.

Its straight edges give a magnified view of the wood, and rounded edges reflect its perfection.

Any Colors - AnyShapes- Any Sizes

Our furniture can be produced in all sizes and colors, using any color of epoxy resin. Legs are customized to meet customer demands, available in aluminum sand casted, iron casted, wood or stainless steel. Finishes are also available in color static coated powder paint, including copper, bronze, and chrome.


At the epoxy resin Tables, the trees of the carefully selected Northern Anatolian region are used. Trees are cut to the desired dimensions in machines designed specifically for this purpose. The cut wood slices are dried in direct sunlight for one year. After this process, the woods are completely dried with a special system in the furnaces at regular intervals for two months. When the wood is ready for the process. Wood and epoxy are combined by pouring in special molds. In order to obtain an error-free result in the epoxy, each layer is heated and cooled to different degrees in sequence. This process continues for 10 days. For the next 4 days, the products are hand polished until the perfect result is achieved. And finally, New life for the furniture begins at new homes.

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